Important New Blog: Black and Missing But Not Forgotten

14 08 2007

This blog is dedicated to all the missing black women in America. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr once said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” If the media doesn’t step up – who will? Let these ladies know that we did not forget about them.

Deidre, “just a concerned Black woman,” has stepped up where mainstream media left off – by loving black women enough to notice when we disappear.  Many thanks to her for her work, and for her demonstration of what can be done, and must be done, for ourselves.  Stop by and support her today!


Welcome! As stated in my title, this blog is dedicated to all the missing black women of America. A couple of weeks ago I was reading a blog about a missing black woman named Stepha Henry. I did not know who she was [and was very embarrassed that I didn’t] but once I did more research on her – it was sad to see that she did not get the coverage she needed in the media because of the Paris Hilton case. [See next post for more info on Stepha Henry]

After I did my research on Henry, I tried googling “black missing females” and other variations of it to see if I can find a website or a blog just like this one. Unfortunately after a couple of hours I found little results. A couple days later I finally hit jackpot and found over 200 missing black females from the month of Jan 2007 until June 2007. Most of them we probably never heard of either because of lack of media attention or not enough exposure for them to be found.

So why am I doing this? Very simple. If I don’t do it who will? The media? Why wait for the media to do something like this when all it take is time, research and most of all dedication? Anybody can do this. Why not now? I think the families of these girls deserve for their loved ones to come home. This is just a small step towards making that happen. 🙂




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24 09 2007

Thank you. I am actually new to the world of blogging. I started my blog to serve as a forum to discuss topics that are relevant and that are of interest to people of color.

However, your blog is a necessity. I must look at the list of missing Black women, that you wrote about. I am saddened in light of hearing about such this list and knowing that our sisters are missing.

Thank you for inspiring the course of my site, and my mission as an academician and as a Black Woman.

Thank you!

23 10 2007

Came up on your blog from surfing for pics and interesting profiles, looking for fierce talk, fierce expressions to depict African/Black features in an animated character. My cartoon, my mission. The emotional content of much multimedia is poooor, I mean po’! But you know the detritus of the Black revolutionary efforts of long ago is still like radio active. The soul is being saturated by micro-mini-funkwaves (too puny to jerk a tear, too stimulating to turn loose), crib-death, even the stubborn “stupid switch” has conspired to get stuck just now, but you know, even a tiny dose of some radio active thing … experts say no such thing as a no – eftect dose … Black sisters with good things to relate might just ride in on higher frequency, self-identical soul waves (built up in their absence, and generated by any real progress), could we only hit a switch. Love to the bold AKademics and Blogonauts from a smouldering rebel on the outskirts of paradise. You are appreciated.
sincerly, Kev

23 10 2007

Thanks BB and Kev!

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