Updated Social Forum Info – Check Us Out in ATL!

21 06 2007


[TIME CHANGE!] time: Friday at 3:30pm
location: Horizon Theater room at the Little Five Points Community Center

This workshop will invite participants to interact with a performance
of Audre Lorde’s Need: A Chorale for Black Women’s Voices as a forum
to discuss the war on women and how we can overcome the silence that
perpetuates violence in oppressed communities.

We want the participants to leave with strategies for breaking silence
in their communities. We want them to leave enabled to use art as tool
to engage with issues and problems in their own communities,
relationships and personal lives. We also intend for participants to
take away their own copy of Need and the sample curricula that we have
developed and the art that they will have created in conversation with
the piece.

The presenters will perform the piece NEED and lead a discussion in
which participants discuss their responses to the piece. Then the
participants will break into groups to explore sample workshops that
they may be able to use in their communities.

Our workshop/performance will be conducted in English. We do not have
a sign language interpreter or a vocal translator who has signed on so
far. We are very open to being paired with people who could provide
these services.
(This workshop is co-facilitated by SpiritHouse and UBUNTU. And is listed in the USSF schedule under SpiritHouse)

note: This workshop is completely different than the one UBUNTU did at the southeast social forum. It is an acknowledgment of the healing process we are developing in this beautiful community PLEASE come out and bring your friends (big smile).

Feminism: Gender, Race and Class

[TIME CHANGE!] time: Saturday at 1:00 PM
location: Atlanta Ballroom B room at the Renaissance Atlanta Hotel Downtown

The Feminism: Gender, Race and Class workshop will initiate a
strategic process for rebuilding/building the women’s liberation
movement. Solidarity, a national co-sponsor of the USSF, is lead
organization. This workshop acknowledges attacks on the gains of the
women’s liberation movement and the impact of gender, race and class
contradictions inside the women’s liberation movement. This workshop
will educate on the intersection of the women’s movement with the
civil rights, labor and peace movements of the past 40 years.
Historical analyses will illustrate how gender, race and class have
been factors in the struggle for unity in the women’s liberation

This workshop is co-sponsored by Solidarity; Centro Obrero (Michigan); Circle Connections; NOW; PEP (New York); SisterSong; Ubuntu; Project South; Black Radical Congress; SpiritHouse; Highlander Center and is listed in the USSF schedule under Solidarity)

Traveled Bodies – Policing Blackness and the Technology of State Violence

(A HERstorical Artistic Reflection)

location: Task Force for the Homeless, 477 Peachtree St

Traveled Bodies – Policing Blackness and the Technology of State Violence (A HERstorical Artistic Relfection) is a multimedia meditative collaboration on the pervasive tapestry of police brutality as it progresses from slavery to now. The artists pay homage to the evolutionary women arts movement, our resilient bodies who continue to create under this haunting violence, and our sisters and brothers locked up in modern day plantations here and abroad.


Also look for Southerners On New Ground in ATL – their Social Forum schedule can be found at: southernersonnewground.org




One response

9 07 2007

I am trying to find out if there is any follow-up in North Carolina relating to the ussf2007 in Atlanta. Any loal groups doing regional forums?

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