Birth of an UBUNTU blog…

30 04 2007

With all the pride and joy that accompany moments of new birth I am pleased to announce the newest member of our UBUNTU blogging family ~ and her name is Love!

Loveispower created hay que luchar – the home for radical love – today. She is a:

lover, fighter, and friend who believes that self-love and compassion for every person on this planet are both necessary and possible.

Welcome! Because as Lex said:

when you speak
we listen.
we are so glad that you
are here, of all places.


Loveispower’s beautiful beginnings:

i begin today.

    a survivor a womyn a lover of laughter i take my time
    to say
    now now now now now now now now now
    waiting takes too long
    and i’m done
    i say “NOW”
    let’s speak NOW
    let’s dance NOW
    let’s say i want it or i don’t want it or i want it like this NOW
    let’s say i’m true, i’m searching, i’m knowing, i’m questioning NOW
    let’s say i’m precious
    let’s say i’m right
    let’s say i’m forgiven
    let’s say i’m r/evolution
    let’s say i’m beautiful
    let’s say i’m what the universe needs
    let’s say it loud soft with voices and hands and feet and eyes and hearts
    let’s say love forever starts with me
    and let us say these things now.

    yesterday i participated in the national day of truthtelling here in my adopted home of durham, nc. through the streets we marched, watching faces of folks on the sidewalks, peering out of doorways and in cars in the adjacent lane. they smiled, they strained to read, spoke on cell phones and gave peace signs as we passed. we marched on like the world we envision free of sexual violence had already come, we marched with the faith that it would. we clapped hands, chanted our demands: end rape culture…si, se puede! and our truths: i am that survivor. we marched with love for our bodies, with appreciation for this moment, with a newfound value for our selves and our power.

    as we passed the house where a womyn was gang raped last year, a womyn whose case was dismissed from the criminal “justice” system like almost all of the cases of survivors i know who have reported their sexual assualt or rape, i felt layers lift from my self like you would peel layers from an onion. i felt new, listening to my sister’s and my brother’s pain, audible cries that broke the silence and traveled to the corners of our hearts.

    by the time we reached the w.d. hill center on fayetteville street and i sat down with my rice and lentils to watch the capoeira performance i felt that even the way i ate my food was different. the day reminded me that i could move my body however i wanted because it was mine. take up space. swing my hips for peace. raise my arms for truth. eat with my fingers for connection. all up to me. ya see? every moment is this moment. life eternal requires such urgency, such desire to push right now for what you want forever to be.

    i give this fight my whole life.
    for this fight has given me life.


    Take a moment to go celebrate her arrival!




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