Top 10 Reasons Why YOU Want to be at the Day of Truthtelling in Durham this Saturday

26 04 2007

  1. Because ending rape culture begins with a vision of the world without sexual violence. In the place of the divisions and disempowering silences that support rape culture, the Day of Truthtelling will create healing, loving, transformative spaces where we can celebrate and honor each person’s humanity and the power of community.
  2. Because the Day of Truthtelling is a call to end all forms of sexual violence. Sexual violence happens every day and in all of our communities, including: on college campuses, in our homes, in our neighborhoods, and all over the world.
  3. Because all rapes deserve outrage.
  4. Because the legal system does not hold all the tools for responding to and ending sexual violence
  5. Because ending sexual violence is possible and it is the responsibility of every single one of us to work together for change.
  6. Because the time is now to speak up about the fact that people who we know and love are survivors: our families, our friends, ourselves. By doing so, we can end rape culture which encourages a disempowering silence about sexual violence that fosters feelings of isolation and shame.
  7. Because we are working to create a world where all people honor each other’s humanity with dignity, love, and respect – respect for each person’s body, choices, and value as a member of our communities.
  8. Because respect for each person’s body as an inalienable (birth)right and honoring each person’s choices creates healthy communities.
  9. Because it’s time to celebrate the possibilities that are created by recognizing each person’s unique value, worth, and humanity, and envision a world where the richness of our differences and diversity is celebrated.
  10. Because safety, peace, and justice are created when communities work together for change.




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