Call for Submissions – feminist reader devoted to campus rape culture

26 04 2007

Women’s Studies @ Purdue Univ. are hoping to gather personal stories from college students across the country to use in a feminist reader about campus rape culture:

only you can fill the pages…

Call for Submissions

Feminist Reader

Campus Rape Narratives

A lack of understanding, acknowledgment, or validity is present when
examining the epidemic proportions of rape occurring minute by minute in
this country. The atmosphere surrounding this issue is no different in
academic settings. College campuses are notorious sites of such violence,
but very little is actually done to prevent these crimes or to bring the
perpetrators to justice. Victims are routinely berated, turned away by
police, blamed, and silenced.

At this time, no feminist reader has been compiled that is devoted solely
to the issue of rampant campus rape culture. New studies are showing that
freshman, both men and women, are now considering rape a normal part of the
college experience. As such, we are trying to pull together narratives
from women and men all over the country who have been witness to, or have
personally experienced, sexual violence on their college campus. We can’t
fight for justice without your voice, so please join the cause!

Note: If you are interested in submitting your story for publication, we
are committed to keeping all entries anonymous, unless otherwise specified
by the author. No one will know it is you, look at you differently, ask you
about your experience, or judge your actions, but you will know that you
were a part of creating a space where these issues are given validity and

To submit your story and join the fight against campus rape, please go to:

“As a woman I have no country. As a woman, my country is the whole world.”
– Virginia Woolf




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