Workers World Article on the Day of Truthtelling

2 04 2007

Great article written by one of our coalition members:

To end rape culture

N.C.-based coalition calls march

Published Apr 1, 2007 11:57 PM



On March 13, 2006, a woman of color who is a mother, veteran, honor student and sex worker was raped and sodomized in Durham, N.C. The survivor was assaulted at a party thrown by members of the Duke University lacrosse team. She and another entertainer were hired to dance at the party and instead were subjected to sexual assault and racial slurs.

A little more than a year after the infamous Duke lacrosse rape case, a coalition of eight organizations in North Carolina are working together to create a world free from sexual violence and all other forms of oppression.

A march, entitled “Creating a World Without Sexual Violence, National Day of Truthtelling,” is to take place in Durham, N.C., on April 28. The organizations responsible for this day of action are Raleigh FIST (Fight Imperialism, Stand Together), UBUNTU, Men Against Rape Culture, SpiritHouse, Southerners On New Ground, Independent Voices, Black Workers For Justice and the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Organize within your community to join this effort to bring rape culture to an end on April 28 in Durham, N.C. For more information, including how to endorse this event, visit or email the coalition at

The writer is a member of the Raleigh FIST—Fight Imperialism, Stand Together—youth group.




2 responses

3 04 2007

If you were prosecuting the rape case, what evidence would be your hallmark for convicting those which you and some others claim to be the criminals? If there is a cover-up, how does Nifong fit into it – he seems to have lost a lot of ground professionally? Is there anything, anyone – the honor student, veteran, sex worker, mother of two included – could tell or show you to make you not believe the rape occured?

Are there any other rapes in the triangle area or nationally that are more clear-cut than this one? If so, how are they more obvious and where does their role fit in advertising this worthy event?

I support the ever-growing attention to this matter, but is it more important to tie it to the dubious nature of the Duke case, than it is to rally support that will undoubtedly come by condeming all rape and sexual violence, while not allienating people who feel that this incident reflects the issues of rapes insofar as it was initially advertised as such?

These are legitimate questions that deserve thoughtful answers. If you choose to ignore them, then you disingenously pursing the truth – and in turn you are politicizing an event of noble cause into one of unsupported condemnation.

3 04 2007

Dear Chris,

Thanks for your support. First, it is important to note that we (UBUNTU) are not prosecuting this case and have no position about Mike Nifong, a cover-up, or criminal convictions.

The article you are responding to was written by Tyneshia Bowens, a member of Raleigh FIST, which is partnering with UBUNTU in creating the Day of Truthtelling. The article was published in Workers World. So, if you are interested in a specific response to those questions, you would do better to direct them to Workers World or Raleigh FIST.

However, since your post raised some important issues, I wanted to respond by providing some more information about the connection between the Day of Truthtelling and the Duke Lacrosse rape case:

The Day of Truthtelling is a call to end all forms of sexual violence. Sexual violence happens every day and in all of our communities, including: on college campuses, in our homes, in our neighborhoods, and all over the world. It is important to us that this day not be simplified as a reaction to the Duke Lacrosse case, because ending sexual violence is about more than any one high-profile case – all rapes deserve outrage.

It was envisioned and is being planned because we (members of the various organizations involved) want to create a world free from sexual violence and all forms of oppression. We imagine that this world will be full of the safety, possibility, dignity, justice, and peace that all people deserve.

We believe that ending rape culture begins with a vision of the world without sexual violence. We believe that to get to this world, we will have to tell the truth in a culture that encourages silence about sexual violence. Our vision for the Day of Truthtelling is that in the place of these disempowering silences, we will create healing, loving, transformative spaces where we can celebrate and honor each person’s humanity and the power of community.

We see advocating for justice in the Duke Lacrosse rape case as an important part of our work to create a world without sexual violence. We believe the survivor of the Duke Lacrosse rape case. We affirm that we believe all survivors who report sexual violence – we take them at their word. The legal system does not hold all the tools for responding to and ending sexual violence – every member of every community must work to create a world without sexual violence. We condemn dehumanization of the survivor of the Duke Lacrosse rape case in much of the media coverage of this case, and we see speaking out in support of this survivor as crucial to demanding accountability for ending sexual violence, violence against women of color, and violence against sex workers.

Thank you for asking these important questions. If you have more questions or concerns, or would like more information about the event, please feel free to contact its organizers at:

– J

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