Important words about the struggle to end sexual assault

2 04 2007

From Ajamu Dakarai Dillahunt at Sankofa Meets the Future:

“Yesterday during a forum with roughly 200 students from HBCU’s in attendance, I was asked by the moderator, along with the other two panelist, what did I think was a critical issue students should be working on. In my remarks I had said, quoting Fanon, as did the other two panelists, that they had to figure out what it was that defined their humanity and represented the important struggle(s) for them at this historical moment. But, having been asked, I felt comfortable responding. Normally I would have said something about the struggle of working people and their rights and power in the workplace; or ending the occupation of Iraq and challenging the recruitment of people of color into the military of the Bush led Empire Builders.

Not that I don’t think that these things are critical, but at that moment I felt compelled to raise the daunting problem of sexual assault in our communities. I suggested that the struggle against sexual assault, patriarchy and misogyny are huge challenges in the Black community and all to often, although not always, are met with silence or indifference….”

Now: go read the rest!




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