New Day of Truthtelling Website!

30 03 2007
Hi Friends!

We have a new website set up to coordinate the “Creating a World without Sexual Violence: National Day of Truthtelling” event that will be happening on April 28th, 2007 in Durham, North Carolina!

Art by Tema Okun

Go there to:

  • Check out the latest News about the event from the Day of Truthtelling planning committee
  • Find out about Ride-Sharing – if you want to carpool to Durham, look under the Forums tab for the Ride-share Board. There, drivers and riders can match up to get as many people to Durham, as low-cost as possible.
  • Get information about Housing – if you are looking for a place to stay over the weekend, look under the Forums tab for the Housing Board. There, you can post a message about your needs and members of the local host committee will try to match you with some free or low-cost housing here in Durham.
  • Soon, there will be a form available for attendees to Pre-Register for the teach-in and workshops.
  • Link to the official endorsement form, flyers, and other important documents pertaining to the Day of Truthtelling’s agenda and mission.
  • Upload inspiring artwork before the Day of Truthtelling. After the Day of Truthtelling, come back here and upload your photos in the Photos section for all to see.



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