**94.1 kpfa.org, 7pm PST**: community organizing can combat sexual violence

17 03 2007

are you tuning in to march/
to running energy vibrant/
under the surface of our/
are we doing enough/
is a question/
in this never ending war no more/
no four/
no three/
no two/
no one/
deserves less than love/
no more.

-roopa singh

TUNE IN: 7pm tonight, 94.1, interview with Roopa Singh, former Director of Community Initiatives at San Francisco Women Against Rape, by journalist Rod Akil.

TOPIC: The what’s and why’s of engaging in community organizing to
combat sexual violence

HEADZ UP: A few months ago, before I transitioned out of my position
as DCI at SF WAR, I did this interview on the project with Rod Akil
(current First Voice journalist at KPFA). Tthe interview airs tonight
on full circle at 7pm. If you are in town its 94.1, and if you are
abroad its www.kpfa.org (simulcast or check in “Archives” under Rod
Akil’s name). I think you should give it a listen because its an
important subject and a crucial time to get real with all the reasons
why we as a society are, “comfortably numb.” (The Wall, Pink Floyd).

Roopa Singh, JD




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