Conversations (How WE think change happens)

4 03 2007

• World Change happens when (and while) individual empowerment happens
• Through Song/Music/Art—as part of a non-violent strategy (For more conversation on non-violence see the end of these notes)
• Through narratives—stories between people—personal but you can find commonalities
• Thru poetic experiments: Let’s try this and see what happens!
• Self-determination
• Sexual independence and Sexual liberation—to belong in your body and feel pleasure there
• Holding land, holding space, water, food, etc
• Community-determined justice
• Small scale: person to person
• Moving out to more people when the beginnings hold integrity
• Dismantling the System!–>
• Creating alternatives that sustain us
• Visionary living—you have to believe change is possible and that it has happened
• Collectively
• Thru passing on the historical context of struggle—creating legends and stories
• Thru inviting people to the table/Making the table together with folks
• Organizing locally around things that affect us—and doing that while holding a global framework
• Loving ourselves—especially when we are taught to hate ourselves
• Liberation education/organizing schools
• Communities with practice consistent with our politics
• Individuals making caring and ethical choices in our own lives
• When organizing permanently alters relationships of power
• When we as a community create spaces for mind/body/spirit healing
• Defining our own terms—not accepting the frame that those who say they are our enemies set up, and not even accepting that they are our enemies.
• Listening is important for creating change that includes all perspectives
• Creating new values!
• Living true to our principles, and understanding that that is very radical and will put us at odds with the system
• Not necessarily looking to the law to determine how we function
• IF YOU COULD CREATE THE WORLD THE WAY YOU WANT IT, WHAT DO YOU SEE? (As a question to add to the questions from this conversation)




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4 03 2007
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[…] “Woman of Color and Survivor-led” anti-sexual assault organization) the authors post a blog on what they think will cause change in society: • Self-determination • Sexual independence and […]

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