tyra: “an invitation to rape”

11 11 2006

Escuse me? An invitation? Are we talking about a party?

No, we’re talking about rape and murder. That’s right–I didn’t know I could actually be responsible for sending myself a tyramail invite to my own trauma and suffering, but apparently I can, according to Tyra Banks, host of emotionally manipulative and exploitative talk show#1.

Last night she had one of her most exploitative shows ever, setting up a fake “modeling agency” meeting where young women were told they could pose nude or partially nude for an “Italian Vogue” photo shoot. When they started to get naked, Tyra would run in and say, “Why are you doing this?! Don’t fall for this!” What a savior. Especially since she she constructed this exploitative environment in the first place.

However, what was most disturbing was that Tyra announced that going to these kind of “scam” modeling shoots is “an invitation to rape” and “an invitation to murder.” What?!? Yes. She actually said that, in true “her skirt was too short” rhetoric. Sounds like Tyra (and all of her viewers) need a workshop on the basics of human rights.




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