Reasonable Doubt

6 11 2006

From Having Read the Fine Print…
Reasonable Doubt

It is all reasonable doubt

I am a coward

I have done a disservice to myself and the amazing song4assata by not doing this earlier.

As one of the people who raised high heaven to get this investigated . I promptly dropped it once th einvestigation started .

Not because I doubt the AV (though at thispoint I doubt every motherfucker BUT song4assata attached to this) but because I watched it happen before and was devastated as it happened again.

This WILL NOT be a trial . It will be a media circus ,it will be a public repudation of women’s morals. It will be a woe on the poor rich , over priviliged, desperately busy , need to blow of steam white boys.

It will be a chanche for one woman to prove she’s a ” good one” in realtion to another.

But it will not be a trial.

The AV has tried to retract her statements, she has obviously been traumatized , and has ran scared for all this time.

Even in ” defending” her there is no concern for her.

People have exploded this into statemenst on race and womanhood while ignoring the actual woman involved. Yet blamed her for every single misstep made by officials.

And peopel like me frightened of seeingit happen once again have abandoned her.

The black body makes an excellent spring board. It’s very existance makes danger, exoticism, terror. Posession of it makes for intellectual precedent( Having studied ) , racial immunity ( i have black friends..), sexual egalitarianism( I LOVE black chicks….) .

Defending it however has little to no recourse.




Why aren’t you more women centered see what happens.

Make money from sex , see what happens

Like sex see what happens

Women suffer. but you you brown stripper slut . Liar damaged one . You get what you deserve

A Rolling Stone article supposedly dedicated to the ” atmosphere on campus” was dedicated not to women and not at all to black women but to women as the proxy supporters of the men.

It is the jumpoff for the loss of white girls ability to hold out .

It is the jumpingboard for the ” support” of racist, sexist, misogynists.

It is now cool to wear shirts in ” support”.

Boys will be boys.

Jump of my body
Break all my bones
Leave me destroyed but
shall always
have a home

And I wish I could say I was stronger.

I wish that my mind didn’t flash to the time I was told I should be raped . And took it as a compliment because I was suppose dto be bought and sold on a market.

I wish I didn’t flash to a scary statistic that 1 in three girls in my college Greek system had been sexually coerced.

I wish I didn’t look at ” just pictures” and become scared that once again we were being wiped out.

whispered curses
shouted love songs

I wish I didn’t scream every time GMA came on in sadness fury and fear at the fact that when it is the black body at stake , who cares about justice, lets just love the circus.

I wish that my thought wasn’t

” Not again not again not agin please maybe if I just pray in my heart and curse and make faces and pull it into a place inbetween my breasts , and avoid the articles…..

Maybe God/ess/s/es Maybe I can push that blodd bile to my gut again .

That space in my neck that fills up my throat that lets me know

I’m right . tHat to pull my body , my heart away , to hide behind ,the newest story would look like righteous following , instead of Fear


That marks on our body would be waved off
” They like it again”

and no care to why pain was so comfortable

That the sproing of cannonballs into manhood,bonding,and power were made off our soft bellies.

That wanting us =abusing us=hating us. is just the way things work.

That there is no truth to be had here anymore.

That because we are brown .

She is brown

Ther is no no truth to be had

Only doubt

Doubt of our love
Doubt of our lives
Doubt of our rights
Doubt of our spirits

And when were faced with the weight of history .

The might of whiteness

The ” support” of our sisters

All doubt is reasonable.

Especially of ourselves




2 responses

10 11 2006

Woah. I didn’t even notice that until I read down to your word “rape.” Do you think it makes a difference that I, as a green-eyed pale white woman, who should clearly have noticed that that ain’t a woman’s hand (or a pale hand), didn’t?

I guess…now that you mention it, it seems pretty obvious.

But do you think that lots of people who looked at the ad and approved it (or even the person who chose the stock photography) just thought it was a horrified woman with her own hand over her mouth? Were drawn in by the eyes and didn’t pay the hand any mind?

10 11 2006

Whoops. Wrong post. That was supposed to be on the other one. Sorry to mess up your poetry post. 😦

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