on the ethics of intimacy

27 10 2006

UBUNTU writes!  and it sounds like butterflies… 


Weighted sacrifice


I am seducing you through fears and abandonment

Playing hidden under-sleeved card hands in a delicately mastered game

Queen of Hearts

Fatal drippings of  slow medieval bloodlettings,

We are dead long before the lacerations reveal

 an absence of poison we were sure created unworthy

 Lifeless our pain lines streets indisputably free the disease of contempt

We are forfeit

Bearing souls while holding familiar infliction

Clenching just enough

Enough, self-induced disdain for the “unprincipled” opportunist

We are blurred by benefit

drunk with sour tasting submission.

I mean what else can you do… but pity me with love?

And the tiny voice whispers




Dance between flames unconditional
Where hints of light show brown flickers in your eyes
In your eyes…
Where I see all of me
Us eternally twined balancing laughter to tear



                        WITH Me

 Enter pathways laced in warm

Where sweet chocolate fudge melts in truth teller palates wet with anticipation…speaking forgiveness

And we play

Fusing intricate our puzzles

and like childhood connect the dots, glide pencils easy  along a page

1…2 to 3…4 to 5…

an exquisite butterfly breathing life into blank space

We are convolute 

Shedding super-shero’s capes soaked red in oppressor blood

Healing through naked creation


 We be Free now

We be new

And the tiny voice whispers





In safe… In home




One response

7 02 2007
furious flower

In The People’s Hands Call for submissions foward widely!!!

Call For Submissions..:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” />

In The People’s Hands

(a grassroots literary zine)

Theme: Africana Women and Violence

Submission Deadline: March 5, 2007


Africana (women of African heritage) share an interesting and distinct relationship with violence. Throughout h(er)story, and contemporary times Africana women have interfaced with police brutality, sexual assault, verbal attack, cultural brutality, academic dehumanization, reproductive injustice, political, and social disenfranchisement. Thank goddess, this is not the story of Africana women in total. We also experience and create love, joy, spirit, resilience, and fortitude that make our individual and collective journeys worth traveling. The complex relationship Africana women share with violence is reflected in our relationships with other women, men, ourselves; and is wonderfully and heartfully highlighted in the songs we sing, the stories we share, the love we make, the poems we recite, the food we cook, etc. etc.

In The People’s Hands, a SpiritHouse publication, was created to hear the voices of diverse communities. Submit work that explores your personal relationship with violence as an Africana woman or work in which explores this theme. Submit a literary creation that fits one or a combination of categories. Please note: We will not use your submission for any other purposes than creating In The People’s Hands literary zine. We will not reproduce in total or in part your submission for any other purpose than the paper-based, and online publication of this project. After publication author retains all implicit and explicit publication rights.



Two poems (maximum of two pages)

Short Fiction

1 story (maximum of four pages)


1 Essay (maximum of three pages)

Visual Art

2 pieces (please note one maybe chosen as the cover of collection)

Along with your creative work send:

-Two sentence biography

-picture (optional)

-contact information (phone, email address)

All submissions must be sent to:


In the subject line please type: Africana Women and Violence Issue

About the Sponsoring Organization

SpiritHouse- http://www.spirithouse-nc.org

SpiritHouse is a nonprofit grassroots community-based organization. We are part of a movement of progressive movements and organizations that endeavor to connect people to each other for the purpose of liberation, enlightenment, and fulfillment. We are independent. We are not supervised by any corporate, religious, or state bureaucracy. Our freedom allows us the flexibility to work and develop the partnerships of our choice. This gives us clarity and direction.

About the Editor-In-Chief http://www.myspace.com/mamashieroglyphics

Ebony Noelle Golden, MFA, is a poet, performer, and educator currently teaching African American Literature, Composition and Creative Writing at North Carolina Central University and Louisburg College as a Visiting Instructor. She has self-published a chap book of poems titled the sweet smell of juju funk and is currently editing mama’s hieroglyphics to be released next year. In the near future, Ebony plans to undergo doctoral studies in Performance and stage her multimedia choreopoem, What Aunt Sarah Says to Siffronia When Sweet Thing is Moon-Watching and Peaches is Dancing to the Wind. Ebony can be contacted via email at furiousflower@gmail.com.

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