Women’s Fightback Conference

26 10 2006

Saturday, November 4th
201 E. Hargett St. Downtown Raleigh
Conference: 10am-5pm
Night-time cultural event: 7pm-10pm

For Fliers and to Register please visit http://raleighaction.org/conference

Whether you work in social services, unions, victim advocacy, or anti-war,you community activists are the foot soldiers in the struggle for a just society. Oppression based on class and nationality are often highlighted in our movements, yet without a clear program of identifying and fighting gender oppression the efficacy of this precious work is greatly diminished.

This conference is for those seeking a better world – whatever your gender or background may be. This conference is open to all! Please reach out to members in your organization or church to participate in this important event. While primarily for Triangle Area Residents, we are honored to have strong women advocates and activists from San Diego, Atlanta, Richmond, New York, and Asheville joining us to help lead discussions and speak about their work.

Workshops Include: Women and the Environmental Justice Movement; Addressing Gender Dynamics in Language and Meetings; Women in the Workplace and Labor Movement; Imperialism, Women, and War; Men Confronting Male Privilege; Feminism, and Feminist Movements; Sexual Assault – Community Responses, Domestic Violence – What Can Be Done?, Breaking the Myth of the Gender Binary.

Sponsors and Participants Include: Southerners for Economic Justice,F.I.S.T. (Fight Imperialism, Stand Together), UNC-CH Feminist Students United, NC Fair Share, NC Coalition Against Sexual Assault, NCSU Sociology Grad Students, MARC (Men Against Rape Culture), Atlanta/Richmond International Action Center, Black Workers for Justice-Women’s Commission, Raleigh Charter High School Feminist Club, and more!

Register on line today at http://raleighaction.org/conference

For Questions
email womensfightbackconference@gmail.com or call Elena at (919) 413-1276




One response

10 11 2006

Shit, I’d like to go to that.
Or at least know that IMPACT will be there.

Talk about a way to change stereotypes and myths about the female body.

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